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MMA research is a site which publishes articles with a scientific approach about the mixed martial arts sport. We publish articles with a scientific approach both on the website and in our digital magazine.


Looking for Contributors

Interested in writing a piece for the MMA Science Journal or have an idea in mind? We are looking for people who can contribute with writings either on the site or in the magazine. See how you can help us or what we can do for you on our reseachers page. For further questions you can always send us a mail.

MMA Science Journal

MMA Science journal is released twice a year and features a few interesting articles about MMA. The magazine is only available in digital format as of now. Downloading is free. However, subscripting on this site is required. See how you can subscribe ( again it’s free) to receive the MMA Science Journal at home.

MMA Science Vacancies

We are always looking for MMA enthousiast who are able to conduct proper research on several MMA related topics on a voluntary base. However, you help the understanding of the sport greatly which counts for something. Besides researchers, we have several other roles available.

Featured MMA Articles

MMA fighter silloute test thumbnailArticle Title

MMA fighter silloute test thumbnailArticle Title

MMA fighter silloute test thumbnailArticle Title

MMA fighter silloute test thumbnailArticle Title


Articles in the upcoming MMA Science Journal

The upcoming MMA Science Journal (first edition) is an issue about preperation and confidence before a MMA fight. The first issue features an article about the lay-off of MMA fighters which try to answer the question whether Ring Rust is real and what the effects on the performance are. The second article covers the correlation between confidence during the Weight-ins and the outcome of a fight. Furthermore, is there a connection between a good beard and the loss by KO-ratio?

The first edition of the MMA Science Journal will probably be available in november 2015.


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